Meet Sheep.

Hello everyone, my name is Sheep.
I live  on a shelf on top of Amel’s bed.
For some reason, Amel couldn’t come up with a better – a more unique – name for me, so I’m just gonna be called “sheep” for the rest of my life. Baaah. So generic.

Well, I came into this house with a few fellow farm animals, but after awhile, the rest of the gang end up in a box and I’m the one Amel always plays with.  Sorry, guys!

I knew she’s the number one sheep enthusiast!

I bought Sheep in the Go-Lo discount shop in Pasar Baru sometime ago. Was it 2007? 2008? Sorry, sheep. I couldn’t remember. Since then, he’s been traveling with me everywhere I go: At work, play, at home, on vacations, with friends, for some reasons , for no reason at all.  He’s an adventurous youngster, a little bit cheeky, a little bit know-it-all, but adorable all the while.

Enjoy sheep’s (and my) adventures!

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