Random Question #2, and why Melbourne is better than Jakarta

For some reason, I’m starting to miss western civilization BADLY. This is kinda unexpected after spending 5 very happy years in Indonesia… and on top of that, stating to my mom once that I’m not moving back to Melbourne, like, ever. That I’m gonna try and make it here on my own… cos if I can make it here in Jakarta, I’m sure I’m gonna make it anywhere.  *sings New York, New York*

Uh-huh. Take that in the face now, Amel.

I guess there are things we don’t have here that they have? Clean air? The scenery? Having four seasons a year? The culture? The ever-flowing wine and beer? IKEA? Sunday markets? Good gigs and performing art shows all year round? The lack of wayward motorcyclists? Having latte and cake on a sidewalk cafe without suffocating to death from all the CO2?

OH. The food! Food glorious food.

Yes. That. That’s gotta be the foremost reason. Now proceed with blaming my westernized taste buds.

I’m gonna resist the temptation to mention all the food names one by one, cos it’s only gonna make things worse.

Well. I’m so upset I’m gonna google food porn (BACON! BRATWURST! PANCETTA! LAMB ON THE SPIT! Excuse my shouting!) and do some armchair-traveling to Melbourne now. Oh wait, I don’t even have an armchair. OK. Make that mattress-traveling, cos I’m typing this on my bed. Alone. With a bowl of yogurt and muesli for dinner. While the rest of the extended family are having with nasi rawon. And more nasi rawon for breakfast if there’s any rawon left over …I don’t get it. Bring me my overpriced, overtaxed, imported Weet-Bix anytime!

I need to move out of this place – I want a real armchair (a brown chesterfield would be nice), a piano, and a fireplace to warm me up in the winter.

So anyway, if you could live in any city in the world, where would it be?

(picture courtesy of http://kitchenforager.blogspot.com/)

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