One Crafty Sunday Afternoon

Sup people, I wonder what’s Amel up to. Look at all these crazy ass diagrams.

Oh hey. What are you doing? Don’t shave me with that cutter!

DONE! It’s a bag! A paper… messenger bag… that’s trying hard to look like a Freitag Dragnet! How ingenious. And cheapskate.

Yay! It’s got pockets on the inside!

When you have a lot of stuff to carry, this bag expands! Boom! Hooray! Those guys from Freitag are brilliant!

Well, I do like them, but every hipster sheep in town seems to have one of those courier messenger bags these days. *snort*

Look at the other models Amel has done. One is modeled after the Rickshaw bags, the other one, Leif bags. Which one do you like best?

That’s it. Until next time! Maybe someday Amel can afford to buy a real Freitag bag. I don’t mind traveling in them, though people say they can be a bit smelly. Ciao!

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