My Fair Lady

“Hello? Anyone there?”

“Ahem. Yes. Can I help you?”

“Hi! I’m April! I’d like to be a resident sheep!”
“O hai, April! I’m Sheep, resident sheep.”

“Pretty pls?”

“Oh this is tough – I want to be the one and only resident sheep – but she’s too cute!”
“Hel-loo? Sheep?”

“Sure! Let’s talk more about it! Come right in!”

“You’re gonna like it here!”
“O RLY! So nice to know you, Sheep!”

April & Sheep’s first portrait together!

“Do you know the way?
I am from out of town
I need a place to stay,
someone to show me all around

A box of chocolates
And a dozen flowers
Just a little room
To sit and think for hours and hours”

The Bird and the Bee – My Fair Lady

Special thanks to sheepfriend Rara Mbol!

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