On the 102

I’m off the bloody Twitter so I’m blogging, go me!

Random findings on the Koantas 102 this morning, trying to take public transport to the new office:

1. Travel time using the 102 from Pondok Indah-Senayan: 35 minutes. Pretty cool.
2. Don’t even try to get on the bus at 8am. Stuffed full! Can’t breathe!
3. Came into kissing distance with an open ulcer. Not cool! Germs!
4. My nubile young ass against some old man’s fat belly: Not cool!
5. This bus is non-airconditioned, it’s so hot! Hello, obvious much?
6. It’s only 8am but the driver drives this bus like a drunk! This also applies to Kopaja and Metro Mini btw, so no surprises there.

So why am I taking this shitty tin can bus? I don’t feel like paying Rp. 300.000,- a month for parking. Which is paid every 3 months in Rp. 900.000,- installments. Whoa. Well, I think I could really use that money for something else, and my new office location is only 5km from my house.

Anyway, all points considered, I don’t know if 102 a viable alternative and if I should  be taking this bus everyday. There’s another, more humane option (Patas AC 16) but the schedule is not as frequent. Taking ojek is another option, but I don’t know how much it will cost in the long run. Riding dad’s motorcycle or my bicycle is yet another option, but (1) I don’t have a motorcycle license, and  (2) I’m not ready to get my ass mauled by the rogue 102, Metro Mini, and Kopaja, and countless motorcycles I’m sharing the road with.

Oh the dilemma!

Ah well, I’ll keep you updated on whether I’ll chicken out and pay the 900k parking fee, or soldier on and keep taking public transport to work. Any bets?

image taken from http://sikathabis.multiply.com/

9 thoughts on “On the 102

  1. Are you seriously considering taking a (non-AC) bus everyday? Have you lost your freaking mind? It’s very unblairlike + unprincesslike! I’m not even considering taking TransJakarta to the office everyday! And TransJakarta is more humane than the rest of the buses.

  2. copet sih ada di mana-mana.. gak cuma 102 :p
    from my perspective, as in your-only-friend-who-takes-public-bus-everyday, you should soldier on! hehhehehehe…

    tapi kalo udh ga tahan bener sih, bawa mobil aja hehe.. i sometimes wish i had one so i don’t have to ride fully loaded bus especially when i’m having cramp like now xD

    • Iye gan, ane mau uji coba sebulan penuh naek bus… selama 10 hari udah gagal 3x sih. Secara kadang2 bangun kesiangan, jadi nanggung kalo naik bus, nanti cicinya meleleh! Wkwkwk!

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