Martabak = Love

So like today, Angie and I were driving home semi-hungry after a long day out, and somehow I brought up the brilliant topic of the martabak seller, the one I blogged about yesterday:

– What makes one want to be a martabak seller?
– What makes one a good martabak seller?
– Do they ever get bored of frying these round (and square, LOL) things, day in day out?
– Do they even like to eat martabak?
– Does one need to be a martabak fanatic in order to be a successful vendor?

All these wonderings made us even more hungrier, and a few km’s later, we ended up stopping at a martabak seller!!! Blame this blog.

The shop was Bandung Raya, the big one in front of D Best Fatmawati.

We ordered some to take home, and I took some hipster iPod photos.

Martabak ingredients (Kraft Cheddar Cheesus, Butter Wysman, Blue Band margarine), MartaBatter, and martabak being prepared amongst slabs of Cheesus.

Sweet Martabak being fried (more like, open-baked?) in a pan, and some MartaBoob pan covers.

Yes, Martabak infographics. These people are passionate about martabak. My theory is valid.

Holy martabak, why are you so dangerous and yet so damn tasty?

Anyway, after eating a few slices (actually, half the bloody box) of the above, I concluded that all these questions about the seller were irrelevant, because apparently, I have a new (much simpler) theory:

Martabak is LOVE.

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