Inacraft 2011 haul

Item 1: Stripey pillow for couch
Me: Ooh Pillows! Perfect for my couch at the office!
Angie: Ooh nice! Look at this brown one with multicolored stripes
M: Ooh another brown one with bigger rainbow stripes!
M: And another one with red, orange, yellow, and lime green stripes
M: And another one with bright red, orange, blue and grey stripes!
M: And another one…

(5 minutes later)
A: So which one you wanna get?
M: I’m gonna need awhile to decide. Please go and browse the rest of Inacraft
M: Which one? Which one!

(10 minutes later)
M: Ok, I’ll have this! *points to white pillow with grey stripes*
(Shop attendant puts the pillow in shopping bag)
M: oh wait wait wait! (Last minute change) I’ll have this red and grey striped one instead!
A: Good call. I think that one looks good, too *sigh*
M: And it will totally match my red couch without overpowering it.

It’s such an irony that I spent some 15 minutes comparing brightly colored, multi-stripey pillows, then settling for the plainest looking one. Less is more.¬†Sometimes bolder is not better.

Item #2: Vintage print of Colonial Dutch era Indonesian road signs
A: This diagram kicks ass.
M: I agree. We have a deal.

Item #3: Vintage print ad of some huge-ass Dutch sausage
A: I don’t get it . Why buy a picture of… a sausage?
M: I dunno, I’m inevitably attracted to them sausages.
M: This picture has all the things I like: Long, thick piece of pinkish meat, on top of a huge island of sauerkraut, altogether with white horseradish sauce! What more could you ask for?
A: O… okay. *still not getting my obsession with sausages*
M: I just came.

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