Tattooed fruits are bad ass

April 27, 7 am.

This is my first experiment, done on this poor banana!

Was gonna do a big ass calligraphy but I made a stupid mistake of wiping the excess ink off the skin (just like real tattooing, right, hahaha!) and the waterproof marker ink (not india ink) smears off everywhere! – so I had to cover up with that big-ass lightning bolt.

The cloud, lettering and the sunny cloud were added later to the design as I go along.

Notice the wonky shading? The dotty outlines around the sun rays? 🙂
That happened when I run outta battery juice.
Must find a way to rig up a power supply.
Must find a way to make a shader needle (yeah, yeah)

Oh, almost forget to add this! My homemade machine, made from various scrap stuff which I blogged about a few days ago. More details about the machine on this FB album.

I’m a proud baby mama. I’m also proud to choose fruits, so that I won’t ruin your skin with my lack of skillz.

4 thoughts on “Tattooed fruits are bad ass

    • Dude, same goes to you! We should totally leave and create some kind of strange-absurd-art-agency house where art directors write and tattoo and copywriters draw and rock the guitar!

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