There comes a time in life… when you wonder where the road might take you.

My life seems to be going in many directions at this moment. I hope that one day I can find a convergence point, because I bloody know what I want. I’m just not too sure how am I supposed to get there. I have a plan, though it all seems foggy at the moment.

Look at that bloody flyover, it’s 2 parallel roads that seem to merge into one in the distance. Isn’t that a smart analogy or what? Anyway…

My greatest fear is growing old, without achieving anything significant in my life. It’s letting my life pass by… without actually trying to get the life I wanted. It’s compromising my own happiness and self worth for the sake of money or convenience. It’s trying to please others so much that I forget who I actually am, and everything that I stand for.

Anyway! I hate all this serious blogging, let’s go back to posting pictures of sheep and other nonsensical stuff. Glad I got this post out.

Idealist signing off. Carry on, move forward, keep trying until I get there.

5 thoughts on “Convergence

  1. is there something in the air or what? because i’ve been feeling the same thing, together with a bunch of my friends! i mean, if something’s wrong with me, something’s wrong with you, something’s wrong with my friends, it just can’t be happening at the same time, can it??? rrgghhh…

  2. Sheep believes in a thing called “collective consciousness”. Sheep also believes in taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, before stepping in to continue at whatever you’re doing.

    Maybe we all need to take a break and figure out what we really wanted… and how to get there.

  3. the plan is going out of this country for 5 days and make a shizzy video about life!!!!!!!!!!!! TROLOLOLOLOLLLL!!!!!!!

    ..or just going out of town and have a life.

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