Saved again by Goceng: A KFC products review (2)

“What the F*K did I get myself into!” – Amel, Art Director.

Previously in KFC Goceng Products review part 1, I had 5 products reviewed, and 10 to go. (Soft drink doesn’t count, suckers!) So here is the second installment of my reviews… and this time, looks like everything has just gotten from awful to worse. Anyway, it’s still pretty much edible food, so I’m not complaining. Tuck in.

1. KFC Burger Deluxe

Date consumed: June 27, 2011
Review: You call this Burger a DELUXE? You gotta be kidding me. I didn’t get your joke, grandpa Sanders! OK, let me describe… it’s basically 2 smallish plain buns (no sesame seeds), one crumbed chicken patty (my friend jokingly said that it probably contains 15% chicken), some tangy mayo sauce, and some shredded lettuce that looked like Hulk’s creamed pubes… *stares into space*

No seriously, this burger does not look appetizing at all… and when you bite it, it feels DRY in your mouth. Burgers should be, like, juicy and shit. The patty was kinda bland, too much flour and not enough chicken, what do you expect? …and I hated the tangy mayo. I like the smooth, creamy Japanese variety which bottle looks like a giant mayo-colored baby with a red cap. That being said, I had to finish this Goceng product for review purposes, so I slathered a lot of chili sauce on it, and it really helped to make the experience more bearable. Challenge complete.
Score: 5/10 (not digging this, try the chicken strip sandwich for 10k, they’re heaps better)

2.  KFC Soup

Date consumed: June 27, 2011
Review: What’s this greasy, slightly opaque, mysterious greenish liquid in a styro cup? The crappy white balance setting on my Blackberry camera didn’t help to make it look better. I was turned off from the start, but I was determined to try. This soup… it looked like something you serve in prison, along with 3 days old rice. It looked like something you serve to a sick, hospitalized person. Amirite?  it has a semi-clear broth, with a yellow-greenish tinge. In this (supposedly chicken) broth, there were some chunky chicken pieces (yay), lots of carrots and long beans, and some sliced spring onion. It actually tasted… okayish. Just okay, just as expected from some broth made of chicken stock and heaps of MSG. Welp. Anyway, this chicken broth thing actually helped me to chow that Deluxe Burger down, so it wasn’t that bad at all… it just looks gross. Can’t we all agree with that?
Score: 6/10 (What do you expect! This is the Cream Soup’s poor, malnourished cousin) 

3. KFC Perkedel

Date consumed: June 27, 2011
Review: Perkedel! Fried potato cakes! This menu definitely shines among the other Goceng lineup. It tasted just like what my family makes at home. My only complaint is that this perkedel is so small, I could easily eat 10 at a time. Oh, and it’s kinda greasy, but what do you expect? It comes from a KFC kitchen, for sheep’s sake.
Score: 8/10 (Stellar. Can’t go wrong with this choice.)

(To be continued on part 3. What? There’s only desserts left to try on the menu? God help me.)

8 thoughts on “Saved again by Goceng: A KFC products review (2)

  1. I like the perkedel… But!!! They get smaller and smaller in size each day. I remember they each used to be 3x the size of the ones they sell now, sold at Rp5K for 2. Booo… penonton kecewa!!

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