Random Tattoo Flash Project!

Random Tattoo Flash Project!

The basics: See these stars? These are numbered from 1-50. Each week I will randomly pick 2 of these stars out of a box. Each number corresponds to a popular tattoo flash theme:

1. Tribal
2. Star / Nautical Star
3. Cross
4. Angel
5. Wings
6. Maori
7. Dragon
8. Phoenix
9. Butterfly
10. Fairy
11. Lion
12. Celtic Knot
13. Kanji
14. Tiger
15. Rose
16. Heart
17. Zodiac
18. Skull
19. Flowers
20. Pin-up Girl
21. Eagle
22. Crown
23. Sun
24. Anchor
25. Ankh
26. Barbwire
27. Om
28. Bat
29. Swallow
30. Spider
31. Compass
32. Cupid
33. Cherubs
34. Snake
35. Fleur de Lis
36. Haida
37. Sword
38. Dolphins
39. Dragonfly
40. Fish
41. Flames / Fire
42. Gun / Pistol
43. Harley Davidson / Motorcycle
44. Lotus
45. Luck / Clover
46. Musical Notes
47. Scorpion
48. Yin-Yang
49. Dagger
50. Love / Pierced Heart

The rules: I will do a tattoo design based on the 2 numbers combination I get out of the box. (Example: #49 + #3 = dagger and cross. How awesome!). This is to simulate the demands of customers in a tattoo shop, and also, as a wannabe apprentice building a portfolio, I can’t only draw shit that I like, I have to diversify and be creative.

This tattoo flash randomizer project is created by @Grymink, a fellow aspiring tattoo apprentice/ flash artist. Many thanks for inspiring me to do this! And oh yeah, go check out his tumblr and blog:)

Wish me luck, people!

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