Week 1 – Random Tattoo Flash Challenge

Week 1 – Random Tattoo Flash Challenge

Theme: #45 Celtic knot + #12 Luck/Clover

First one done out of many. I don’t think I fared too badly on this one. Celtic knotwork are fun to draw, and it’s quite a challenge to figure out the in and out weavings and the symmetry and such – that’s when I scanned the sketches and tidied it up in Illustrator. Meh.

Symbolism wise, it’s my own take at the lucky four leaf clover. (that ends up looking a bit like the Apple command symbol/Saint John’s arms but it looks cool so I don’t care!Instead of making it a heart shape, I made the edges of the clover in the shape of a pinwheel, because in some cultures a pinwheel represents luck, literally a change/turn of fate.

Too much? Just right? Do you like it? Will you get this tattooed? Comment away.

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