Sharks at PIM 2

Angie: You know what? There’s baby sharks in PIM 2! They’re in a pool with an Arabian-inspired gazebo in the middle!
Amel: *Lost for words for awhile* What, sharks? In a mall? In my mall!
Angie: Yes there’s many of them… Amidst decorations for the Ramadan Holy Month. What does it mean?
Amel: *Lost in thoughts* What does it mean… It’s so bright, so vivid… Baby black-tipped reef sharks… It’s so intense!
Angie: …What does sharks have to do with Ramadan?
Amel: Sharks, they represent the worst in human nature: Fierce, voracious, ruthless… They represent greed, lust and anger. During the Ramadan you are supposed to refrain from these things, as well as from eating and drinking. You’re purifying your heart and mind, you rid yourself of negativity. Makes any sense? Wow. I’m good at thousand-layers explanations. I should work in advertising.
Angie: *No comment* LOL I think PIM just wanna show off that they can have SHARKS in the middle of a MALL.
Amel: Right. Might as well have snakes in the mall. They’re my favorite dangerous animal!
Amel: I GOT IT CAPTURED ON MY CAMERA! OMG! It’s so intense!
*Goes back into thinking about the real reason behind this shark installation*

Okay people, I will update this entry once I find the meaning behind this baby shark installation in my favorite mall. For now, I’m totally stumped.

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