Wedding Cheese: Stories from my Melbourne trip, part one

Apologies for not updating much, I’ve just got back from Australia last week, mainly for my brother’s wedding. It was great! While I won’t blog too much about it, I will tell you some totally irrelevant stories.

Amel: Oma, here’s the pictures from the wedding. This is the wedding cheese.
Oma: This is the wedding cake?
Amel: No, Oma, it’s a wedding cheese tower. It’s basically a stack of different kinds of cheese.
Oma: Like a cheesecake?
Amel: Nonono, it’s cheese. Not cake.
Oma: *silence* I don’t get it…
Amel: So, instead of a cake, my bro & sis-in-law opted for cheese.
Oma: WEDDING, Y U HAS NO CAKE! How do u eat it? Isn’t it too salty?
Amel: White people just eat it as is, oma.
Oma: Then you pour some chocolate on it or something?
Amel: LOL! No, not like that!

(I excused myself, went to the fridge, grabbed some brie and old cheddar, some water crackers, put ’em on a plate.)

Amel: This is how they serve it. They cut the cheese, and eat it with crackers.
Oma: Then how do you eat this thing? You can’t even spread the cheese over the crackers?
Amel: You eat it just like that!
Oma: So you just bite into the crackers, and the cheese, at the same time?
Amel: YES!

I dunno but I just found it amusing that Oma found it amusing that people eat cheese and crackers at weddings! I guess Oma’s only familiar with sliced cheese (the one you use for sandwiches) and grated cheese! Anyway, have a gorgeous picture of the aforementioned cheese stack.

Check the rest of the album here on FB. (You have to be my FB friend or a friend of my friend)

10 thoughts on “Wedding Cheese: Stories from my Melbourne trip, part one

  1. Like I said earlier, the conversation would’ve gone a lot easier if you just agreed with Oma that it was a cheesecake. Lol!

    Did I mention that it was a gorgeous picture?

    • I totally agree, but then I would feel guilty cos I lied to Oma about the awesomeness of the wedding cheese!!1

      Oh yeah, thanksqueal! This was taken with a $1400 lens borrowed from my cousin’s arsenal of high end Canon weapons trololol.

  2. I don’t even know which part of this blog that I need to comment on first.

    OK, maybe I don’t need to tell you (again) about how I love the way you write. Cos I’ve said it to you. Ajat’s got a point.

    I love the picture of the cheese.

    Oh, about the cheese! I just knew also that people there eat cheese like that! And I mean, really stack the cheese like tower. That’s so kewl!

    But what’s cooler is your relationship with your Oma. Ahahahaha… You love her so much I can tell :p

    Oh, P.S.; congratulations for your brother! 😀

    • #1 Thank you! Really appreciate it coming from 2 of my favorite copywriterss!
      #2 Cheese makes beautiful photo subject!
      #3 LOL! Cheese n crackers for bule is like gorengan for Indonesians. Savory snack!
      #4 Oma is super awesome in her own curious ways!! It’s a Capricorn trait.
      #5 Thanks again!

  3. I love your blog!!! Have been here once, and today, randomly come back… And Im following you now!! Just like the others, I like the way you tell stories 🙂
    Anyway, its a very unique idea… Very creative. I love the wedding as well, it’s so wonderful!! (lucky, Im a friend of your friend)

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