DIY bleached black shirts!

Candidates: 4 black shirts I got for 10k at Pasar Senen. Yep, 1 US Dollars *insert LOL now*
Equipment: 2 bottles of bleach ($0.5), rubber gloves, spray bottle, some bucketsss.

Let’s just call them shirt 1, 2, 3, and 4 from top left row. Now I’m gonna follow the tutorials here and here and make 4 different types of bleached shirts. Oh yeah make sure the shirts are 100% cotton and somewhat thin, cos if it’s thick you’re gonna need even more bleach to er, bleach it! Experiment, experiment.

This is shirt 1, 2 and 3 folded and ready to be immersed in bleach… On the leftmost one I used the center swirly fold using a dowel, for the second one I simply folded the shirt into a long strip and rolled it tight, and the third one that looks like a Bak Chang? That’s the flower fold technique.

Dunk them in a solution of 1 part bleach, 2 part water… and wait for the color to seep out gradually. It was kinda cool to watch, but i didn’t take a lot of pics cos I’m afraid that I’ll accidentally ruin my already battered Lumix LX3 with the bleach liquid!

Now after a good 5-10 mins most of the shirts are done, just put them in water with some detergent to stop the bleaching process 🙂

The flower-folded shirt turned out kinda screwy (not bleached enough, maybe it’s not 100% cotton?) so I re-folded it  like a twisty bun spiral, and re-bleached it.

Anyway, for shirt #4 I’m gonna do some stencils, design courtesy of Angie’s accessories label Le Squeal:

That’s how I did it… First I put a cardboard inside the shirt so that the bleach won’t bleed through to the back layer, then just spray the bleach solution on top of the stencil, until the color gradually turned into shades of brown. Flip over. Do the same for the back of the shirt. Make it random!

ALL DONE! I soaked and rinsed the shirts in detergent water, then hanged them to dry while I’m off to band practice… lalala….

Fast forwards 12 hours later: Here’s shirt 1 to 3, and shirt #4! Do try this at home, it’s easy and awesome!


7 thoughts on “DIY bleached black shirts!

  1. Mel, itu yang le squeal, kan yang disemprot bagian yang ketutup gambar burung doang kan, kok bagian bawah2nya bisa ikut bleached gitu sih??
    Terus , nutupinnya pake kertas biasa aja yah?? Pas disemprot emangnya ga nembus ke bajunya ya??

    Anyway, thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  2. Helllllo amel…menemukan blogmu yang keren melalui orang keren juga (rarambolrara).
    Mau tanya itu beli cairan bleach-nya dimana? sama kayak bayclin kah?

    Nuhun pisan..

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