Weird-ass Dream Journal of November Thirty

Another one of those random, vivid dreams I had when I was sick.

It was lunchtime and I was in some random mall food court, that vaguely looked like Mall Ambassador, with a nameless guy, whose face I can’t remember, who was supposed to be my date or boyfriend. He handed me his tray, on it a huge, stacked burger and a large bag of fries spilling out everywhere. “Can you hold on to these? I’m gonna sit on the far corner over there and play with my new iPhone” he said. And with that he went away, leaving me by myself.

“What a selfish jerk” I thought, as I straightened up his tray, shoving all the stray fries back into the paper bag. I thought to myself, “Now I’m just gonna take all my sweet time ordering my food, and starve him, cos I’ve got all his food here with me! Ha ha!”

Then I went to some random fast food counter to order my lunch. By then the food court vaguely looked like the one in Bapindo’s basement. Anyway I couldn’t remember what I ordered, but it wasn’t wholesome or fulfilling enough, because after that, I went to another stall to order some more.

The second counter I went to was a typical Japanese takeaway hot food shop. Neon lights, blue cloth banners, huge kanji calligraphy and sakura flowers on lacquered black as decor elements.  I was the only customer, and there were a few guys behind the counter, all of them dressed in black polo shirts with red collars, red waist aprons, and red headbands with a kanji on it. Behind them, separating the display are a and the kitchen, was a wall made of bamboo pillars. I couldn’t remember the name of the shop, but I ordered some takoyaki.  “It’s Rp. 22.000, please” said the cashier. What. It wasn’t even freshly made, it’s already sitting there on a plastic container.

I pulled a Rp. 10.000 note out of my purse, then another one… but I couldn’t find any Rp. 2000, or any coins, so then I pulled out a Rp. 5000. Just as I was going to pay, this character came out of nowhere. “No need, girl. Just give them Rp. 1000 cos I still owe you from the night before” he said, with a huge grin. I turned my head in surprise.

He’s a young security guard and/or police cadet. I couldn’t see his name patch. He said he had known me before at work, remembered that I was good at drawing, and went out drinking with me and my friends once… during that he owed me the Rp. 1000. Right! Where was this, I wondered, for he was one of those characters you would definitely remember for a long time.

 He was dressed like a normal guard, but with a light blue shirt, instead of navy. He’s got shiny long hair, loosely tied back, but styled up in the front like Elvis. It’s like Kung Fu hero hair. He’s slim, tall, dark skinned, with thick eyebrows, and huge, protruding teeth, which was his most prominent feature because he can’t stop talking or laughing. On his right forearm is an old fading tattoo of a giant ganja leaf in black, red, and green. I guess yellow won’t show cos his skin was so dark!

Who the F was this character? He rambled on about how he also loved to paint, to draw, and one day he will make it as a famous illustrator, sought after by ad agencies everywhere… I totally lost track of time and I realized that I haven’t paid my meal and had forgotten about my date somewhere out there playing with his new iPhone. Oh shit!

“No no, it’s ok, I’ll just give some coins to make it Rp. 2000” I said as I fumbled, taking all my coins out of the purse, but guess what? None of the coins are rupiah. They’re either foreign currency or novelty coins: Souvenirs, amusement park coins shaped like the Osaka castle, etc. The buck-toothed guard laughed at me. It was all confusing. “Here, let me pay the Rp. 1000”, he kindly offered. Then white crystals started to fell from the sky, like snow, but much more lighter and sparkly… And then a white cloudy fog started to bleed into my vision.

I woke up with a start. I’m so gonna write and draw about this!

2 thoughts on “Weird-ass Dream Journal of November Thirty

  1. what a very vivid dream! i never had one like this. ow but anyway, i did remember how the guy looked like in my dream you were talking about (though I soon forgot about it already) — but yes, i don’t know his name.

    aa what about these dreams, yahhh..??? xD

    • It’s our subconscious telling us to find a soulmate or something! Or it’s our subconscious telling us to act on that crush we have on someone that we won’t admit to ourselves! Gah! Shut up, subconscious!

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