I’m a loner: A spinster’s rant

1. I like solo trips 
When I get the wanderlust I won’t ask a lot of friends to join – too much people will just get in the way.  More people – more time to accomodate the different needs of the group, what to see, where to sleep, where to eat.

Solo trips are also a good time to reflect and get away from the noise of people surrounding you. For me sometimes it can get a bit much.

While group trips are OK for short term, (ie. weekend getaways) my ideal long trip would be alone or with a friend that I understand well. 3 people is too much already. Family trips are particularly a headache.

So far I’ve done road trips across Java,  road trip to Bali, 2 trips to Sydney, trips to Bandung, all by myself, hmm where else should I go? I think if I have extra money I’ll do a month around Thailand and surroundings.

2. I like shopping alone
I’m a picky picky girl, I often need forever and ever to compare and decide what to buy. Less hassle, more time to shop around…   also when I need a second opinion, I will totally text/email you a picture of the object(s) I’m considering to buy.

Most of the time when I shop with friends it goes like this:
Friend: OK we’re here in (insert Mall name), which shop do you wanna go to?
Me: Let’s split up. Meet here in 3 hours, ok?
Friend: Cool! Ehh… but I’m gonna need second opinions from u about that dress
Me: OK! I’ll friend you! *Me ends up not buying anything*

Conclusion: I like shopping alone, but when friends ask me to accompany them cos they need me for my opinion, I will gladly do so… As long as I’m not getting anything for myself.

3. I like going to the beach alone.
I’m a beach person. Whenever I have to make an important decision in life, I often find myself going to the nearest sea. Just sitting there and looking at the horizon, it’s really a soothing feeling like no other, and it really clears my mind. You should try that sometime.

4. I always get my tattoos done alone
I do! Except that time in Bali when Dayan’s with me for the trip. And most of the time he was outside playing with his Instagram.

It’s not like I don’t really need any moral support!  Or someone to hold my cold hand while I shiver in pain! (It’s an exaggeration, tattoos don’t hurt that much!) …I just don’t have the heart to have my friend wait for hours while I get tattooed! Well,  if you’re willing to wait for hours while I get tattooed, then be my guest… I just feel like it might be distracting for the artist to have someone hover over him/her while he/she is working, and I take my tattoos very seriously. (But if you’re only there in the shop for only half an hour or so, then I guess it’s fine 🙂 Please take good photos of me getting tattooed! And bring me sugary snacks!)

4. But I don’t like going to movies alone
Cos there won’t be anyone to bitch to about the movie after it’s done!

Am I weird? Is there any hope for me? Am I forever alone?

11 thoughts on “I’m a loner: A spinster’s rant

  1. I’m a loner too. I like shopping alone. I like eating alone. I even like going to the movies alone.

    You’re not weird.

    But solo trips are so not for me. I’m an extreme shy girl. I don’t like asking people for directions or places to go or where the best cafes are.

    • Ahh…I hate getting lost. But I seem to get lost more in Jakarta than I get lost out of town. How weird. I plan to fix that by getting a GPS unit for my car. And yes, I’m a shy person too but I thought, who cares, these people don’t know me anyway, so everytime I get lost, I asked around shamelessly.

  2. i often end up going to the movies alone. because nobody lives near me. and i catch the 6pm screening -corporate rats cant make this particular timeslot.

    shopping alone!! oh unless its a trip to pasar baru. ini bener2 perlu temen biar gak basi!!!

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog, I hope you don’t mind me having a peek around.
    I’m a loner too, and I do watch movie on my own just to have a good laugh and cry. Do you know what I wish I had done alone? Giving birth to my only child. It’s so sacred I wish I was alone in that delivery room without people giving ‘moral support’.I’m that loner.

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