Top 5 inappropriate Indonesian breakfast foods, like ever

Happy New Year! About time for another food post. Let’s talk about unusual choices for breakfast, particularly in my house. Now I wish that I could have cereal, muesli, bacon, eggs, and toast everyday, but Oma is in charge of choosing what foods go on the table, and she really loves having leftovers dinner foods for breakfast! In fact she doesn’t mind having the same dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Well, being a good granddaughter, I always eat them gratefully without complain, but I’d just like to share with you what sort of strange monstrosities we’ve had on the table.

Here’s some of the super-heavy food we’ve had for breakfast over the years. Bon appetit.

1. Pork feet in soy sauce
Oh look, it looks almost like chicken… don’t be fooled! These bad boys are super rich, heavy and greasy, full of strong smelling spices, layers of fatty meat, and chunky bits of skin, I’d feel stuffed for hours afterwards. 

2. Gule/tongseng
Anything with lamb, lots of coconut milk broth, chili peppers and spices for breakfast are bad news. Sure it’s tasty for lunch and dinner, but just seeing this first thing in the morning makes me full (and I haven’t eaten anything). My poor digestive system just won’t handle this complexity.

3. Foo young hai
Ah, a Chinese household favorite. Well let me tell you. Anything with lots of tomato sauce for breakfast is also bad, bad news! Within minutes of consuming this tasty dish, I would get really really severe stomach pains. I think it’s the acid in the sauce. Strangely enough, I can have martabak telor (with the sour sauce) for breakfast and be completely fine afterwards.

Anyway, tomato sauce for breakfast, no-no. I’d have the fuyunghai only, skip the sauce!
(picture taken from

4. Sate kambing
Seriously? Seriously. Refrigerated overnight for extra toughness. (They don’t sell these in mornings.) Yes I actually like them. They’re a great choice only for lunch and dinner. But not in the morning!
(Picture taken from Putra Linux)

5. Rujak
I’m just kidding about this one. Thankfully I’ve never had rujak for breakfast. If I had this, I’d probably be in the emergency room by lunchtime. I have a super sensitive stomach.
(Picture taken from Kolom Kita)

Rolling your eyes already? So there you go, 5 of my choices for inappropriate foods for breakfast. On today, January 1st, We had #1 and #2 at the same time. It was terrific! What’s your pick?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 inappropriate Indonesian breakfast foods, like ever

  1. don’t they sell sate kambing in the morning in jawa tengah?! you’re from there, you silly woman! hahah im like yer gran probably, i LOVE eating leftovers for breakfast. a simple toast is just that. waaaayy too simple.

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