Succulent gardening: One year update

You might remember my post about Sheep in a succulent garden, exactly a year ago? Here, let me re-introduce the original settlers in my container garden. Left to right: African milk plant, some Opuntia, some strange mario bros-looking cactus with pink flower, some  haworthia, some hylocereus cutoff, Sheep, and some sanseviera *phew!*

Well I thought I’d post an update on how the container garden looks like today. Left to right: Some haworthia that’s growing like crazy, some gasteria in the background, mario bros plant (it’s sprouting leaves periodically), some haworthia, and some gasteria sp. I just planted.

I had to remove and replace some of the original inhabitants cos some of them are growing big and taking up too much space, like this African milk plant…They now live in separate pots.

This is the rest of my cactus and succulent family in 2012. Enjoy prickly goodness.

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