Sink or Swim

There’s someone out there like me.

There’s someone who spend their days and nights wondering how can they be “amazing” instead of just “good”.

(The answer is practice, practice, practice, but who’s got time these days?)

There’s someone who wish they have more time to practice, to explore, to make mistakes. Someone who wish they’re younger, more brave, less burdened with life’s pressures and commitments to just jump into whatever once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they wanted to, leave it all and not look back. Because we’ve all got one shot in life to make it, or not to make it.

There’s someone who have no trouble soaking all of the wonderful inspirations from everywhere around them – soaking it like a sponge, analyzing, learning, memorizing, but have trouble wringing all of these inspirations out into actually creating something. They’re constipating and it feels awful because they have so many great ideas inside of them – just waiting to be released.

There’s someone who can’t stop comparing their work to other artists’ work, and feel inferior and unmotivated for awhile afterwards. That’s when the panic sets in and they’re reminded of how much they need to work their butts off to get to the standard they want.

There’s someone like me who thinks that 9-5 work is a waste of time when you can spend your precious time doing other things you love and still earn money to survive. It really sounds like utopia, now, but with hard work, sheer luck and just being a good person, I think it’s possible.

The whole world is moving fast and I’m struggling to keep myself in pace…

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