Update on life and thoughts

I’m at home, chillin, listening to reggae and finally updating this blog just for the sake of updating. I have one more week of fulltime work ahead of me before I go onto doing something new with my life. (Hint hint)

During the last few months, great things has been happening, and all the signs and omens have been pointing to that certain direction, and I can’t help but feeling so blessed. These are exciting times – so exciting that sometimes I find it hard to stay asleep at night, wondering where life will take me a month – two months, four months, a year from now? I have so much ahead of me, so many things to do, work to catch up, that my head begins to spin. I mean I’m not that young compared to most people just starting in the industry, most of them start in their early 20s. But we’ll see about that once I start.

Oh the insomnia. Those nights when I can’t sleep, I turn to Youtube, cos I don’t have cable and local TV sucks, we all know that. I turn to Youtube and I download TV series. Lately I’ve been watching NBC The Voice and actually I quite enjoyed it, being different than the Idol shows. But there is a glaring similarity between those two: The dramatic backstories. That, they can definitely do without. Nearly every contestant’s got a past to tell. Drug addiction, disease, poverty, death of a loved one… You put that on Indonesian television and the drama portion will increase tenfolds. More crying and other irrelevant emotional stuff than singing. Now I don’t know how ratings work – but I’m tired of watching this all the time, in all of my favorite reality shows, (don’t get me started on the Ink series) and I’m sure most viewers are.

It was then I had a look at my life.

I’m just me. I don’t have a dramatic past. I don’t have cancer or HIV. I’ve never been homeless, in jail, in rehab, or so heartbroken that I couldn’t live. My parents are healthy and they’re still together.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t have a story to tell. (I hate using double negations in a sentence, WTF!) I don’t have drama, and I have as much to tell as you!

It’s sad that people often focus on their past and can’t let go. I mean, the past is there for us to learn, but our time is in the now. We live for the future. Why do I even want to talk about this? I’m about to close another chapter in my life, and this is why I’m getting all sentimental and philosophical and shit, so excuse me for speaking my mind out. I hope that some of it makes some sense.  Night, everyone!

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