Do you believe in the subconscious mind?



Do you believe in the subconscious mind?

I went to the supermarket today because I was in need of a toothbrush – my old one was approximately two years old. Ew – that was gross. So I went home and unwrapped my new toothbrush and put it in the toothbrush holder – and surprise, surprise, what a coincidence. It’s the exact same type as the old toothbrush I bought 2 years earlier! Only the color is different.

I didn’t even remember what type of toothbrush I had at home – what brand, what color, though I used it everyday! I think I simply chose that toothbrush on the shelf based on feeling. Isn’t that super weird? Me subconsciously choosing the exact same thing 2 years apart? Anyway here’s my internal monologue at the supermarket, if you care:

“Let’s see, there’s Pepsodent, Formula, and Oral-B toothbrushes”
“The local made ones are unconvincing. I don’t want local brand – Oral-B then”
“There’s 2 prices for Oral-B. 25k and 33k… Hmm I can’t tell the difference”
“The 25k one has spiky cricrossing bristles in 4l4y neon colors! Let’s get that one then!”

Looking back, I don’t think my decision making made much sense, haha. I conclude that it must be my instincts and subconscious mind that led me to buy the same exact brush that I had at home! Anyway. I’m still puzzled.

Do you have any other theories on this?

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