52 diptychs: Week 1 – Election

52 diptychs - Week 1: Election

Top photo: [IM to Angela] “Have u noticed all the pilkada posers, banners etc? Do you know the Jokowi Basuki poster? Did you notice what they’re wearing? Plaid shirt”

Bottom photo: [Note from my dad] “Amel, tolong titip beli ini baju Jokowi + A Hok, ada di jual di Ambass & Mangga Dua. Thanks – Papa”

3 thoughts on “52 diptychs: Week 1 – Election

  1. Your Dad is supporter of Jokowi + Ahok too I notice! Well Jokowi is from your hometown.

    From what I’ve gathered from my Dad in Law, the Jokowi + Ahok team sell the plaid shirt to collect money for the campaign fund.

    And do you know the philosophy behind the plaid shirt? ‘Jakarta jangan lagi dikotak-kotakkan’

    Gah! The kind of information that I store in my brain.

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