Monday is my Sunday!

Monday is for drawing! Time to catch up with tattoo requests from friends and personal projects. First up is a flying robot for a client, it’s based off an existing tattoo, I have no idea how to modify it (yet) and make it my own. Then it’s time for a koi and sun forearm half-sleeve for a longtime friend. I’m trying to incorporate ornamental design into Japanese. I liked the mandalas so much I ended up doing 2 more designs. It was all in good fun.


I also did this 2 calling card designs – These are just drafts for now, spur of the moment ideas! I’d definitely print the “art director” one first, then the “tattooer” one later when I’m tattooing at a professional level. I like the “tattooer” design more, though. I hope my mom didn’t notice the subliminal Illuminati message when she sees this, she’d totally freak out.


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