Complicated bitch with a heart of gold

It was just half past six in the afternoon, it was dark, and it was raining hard. I was standing on the side of the road, in front of the Citibank building near Plaza Pondok Indah, with just a narrow canopy between me and the violent wind and the pouring rain. I was trying my best to catch any taxi cab, and sadly, there were none of them for the last few minutes… and I was cold without a jacket in a cotton shirt and knee length skirt.

At long last! I saw one heading my way from a distance. I hastily ran out of the shelter and hailed the cab. It was an older cab, possibly a Kotas or a Kosti. Definitely not a Blue Bird, Putra or Express, the only 3 taxicab companies that I can trust. On the other hand, Kotas and Kosti cabs, they’re known to be less safe and trustworthy. On a normal, non-rainy day, I wouldn’t think twice to catch such cabs, for a reason!

“Good evening Pak, turn around at the next u-turn and go towards Pondok Indah Mall.” I ordered as I got in. He didn’t say anything, but he proceeded towards the u-turn 50 metres away. For those of you who don’t know, I live on a street next to the mall, and just about 5-10 minutes drive from the spot I boarded the cab. My destination was conveniently close for me, but apparently not for him.

As we approached the u-turn, he asked me, “How about I charge you a flat fee of Rp. 20.000,-? It’s too close for a metered trip.” I was like, wtf man! As far as I know, all taxicabs in Jakarta must charge by the meter. That’s the rule. So I argued, “Sorry I don’t think so. If you don’t want to turn on the meter, I’d rather get off here, now. I’d like to pay by the meter, please, sir.”

Note: The flag-fall for the trip was Rp. 5000,- and it will cost approximately Rp. 10.000,- on the meter to get to my house, which was HALF the cost he asked for. I knew he was making use of the opportunity,  which was the bad weather. Also, he’s a driver for a dodgy cab company. I’m pretty sure and I do hope that Any Blue Bird driver won’t do this!

It was clear that I was bluffing, and I was bluffing hard, cos the rain was pouring even more heavier than ever, and should I get off the cab in protest, there was no shelter anywhere in sight! I’d be drenched to my under-whatevers in no time.

He didn’t say anything again – but after awhile., I observed that he DID turn the meter on for this short short trip. Ha. I won!

Not even 5 minutes later, we arrived at my house. I told him to stop, and I read the meter. Rp. 9.750. Ha, I was right! I opened the door, gave him the Rp. 20.000,- note, and walked out. He was like, “Mbak, wait, your change!” Then I went. “Nah, you keep the change”. With that, I closed the cab door and ran into the house.

I ended up paying Rp. 20.000,- for the trip after all – which was the ridiculous amount he requested, but I didn’t mind. Maybe Rp. 10.000 would mean a lot to him, and I was happy that I could help. But not before I teach him not to take advantage of girls in the rain. Ha!

And so that ends my totally nonsense story for today.

4 thoughts on “Complicated bitch with a heart of gold

  1. Heart of gold indeed.

    I would’ve done the same, except maybe I wouldn’t ride on the dodgy taxi in the first place. But I agree with the teaching them lessons thing.

  2. Haha gue juga suka gini. Ngotot minta sistem yang bener dulu, dan kalo tu org cukup baik dan jujur untuk setuju menjalankan sistem, baru deh tipnya belakangan. Berlaku juga untuk tawar menawar harga. Kalo pedagang cukup murah hati buat nurunin harganya buat gue, kadang ujung2nya malah gue tmbahin dikit dari harga yg gue tawar.

    Macam ngetes aja gitu hahaha…

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