Swimming pool hopping for the tattoo enthusiast (Part 1: Intro)

Good day, readers, and I apologize for the lack of updates. Life happens, so you know. Today I’m gonna talk about one of my phobias…


Yesss, I am terribly scared of swimming pool drains. This, is how it looks like. Ooh, my heart is racing: (thanks, google)

Like most phobias I had no idea on how I developed the fear, because I clearly remembered swimming a lot as a kid. And then I read too much stuff on the internet. About people getting their intestines sucked out into the drains and stuff. Chances are that won’t happen to me (fat people always float in water), but still, a phobia is a phobia…

So when I swim with friends I will only jump in a pool where there’s no visible drains. No olympic sized pools, lazy rivers and the likes.

And then I got sleeve tattoos, which in itself takes about 2 years to complete, which is more reason not to swim, because swimming with freshly done tattoos is a no-no. Well, lucky for me, both of my sleeve tattoos were finally done on last October. It was the perfect time to get back into swimming, and get over that irrational phobia. So it’s time to buy swimsuits…


Yep. This is how I’m gonna roll from now on. As much as I’m proud of my sleeves, I don’t really want to catch unwanted attention (this is Indonesia, folks), and risk exposing my tattoos to the sun too much. I’m a fickle bitch, get used to that. Oh and I also bought some knockoff prescription swimming goggles from Kaskus for Rp. 70k, much cheaper than the Speedo brand (which I will eventually regret, cos it’s not as good! Hehe)

With all that prepared, and with some last-minute courage, I headed to my first destination: The Simprug Pertamina Pool.

Anyways! My lunch is here. I’ll continue in another post, very soon.

5 thoughts on “Swimming pool hopping for the tattoo enthusiast (Part 1: Intro)

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  2. hi,
    i was browsing for pertamina simprug swimming pool and i stumbled upon your blog. i thought i was the only one having fear for deep water haha. mine was developed during my teen years i think. i also remember that i swam a lot when i was younger. but i stopped swimming around college years, that’s when i developed fear for deep water. i’m always afraid that some crocodile would suddenly show up in the pool haha. blame that to “return to eden”, the miniseries.

    well anyho, pertamina simprug was one of my choice since it’s close from where i live, but since the pool condition was too frightening for, well, it’s definitely not going to be my first choice haha

    • See, i’m not alone in fearing deep water! (And yet I’m planning to take dive lesson, what the hell!)

      I see that you also live in the South. So where do you swim these days if you don’t mind me asking? I swim in Citos occasionally these days…

      • di belakang kompleks rumah ada Kampung Main Cipulir. kayaknya airnya kurang bagus, but it’s not deep and i can see the other end of the pool haha. have you tried Hotel Century? you can be a member and pay 1 mio/6 month. pretty good deal considering it’s a hotel. you can also use the gym and tennis court as well 🙂

        • I see! Thanks for the info about the century pool, sounds like a really good deal considering all the brand-name gyms are above 500k/month these days! Senayan is not that far from Pondok Indah!

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