DIY Taylor Swift “trouble” circle shirt

Dear Taylor Swift,

First of all, happy holidays! I’d like to say that I approve of your wardrobe choice in your latest video I knew you were trouble. That shirt simply rocks! When I saw it I knew I gotta get my hands on one. However, I am a cheapskate and I am unwilling to pay $132 to get the same exact shirt! So I had to resort to my own devices and DIY ingenuity.

During the pre-Christmas holidays I bought/prepared/stolen these items:
– White shirt ($2, thrift shop)
– Big permanent marker ($2)
– Plate (thanks Oma)
– Cardboard (stolen)


1. Put cardboard inside shirt, flatten the shirt, make a circle outline with the dinner plate


2. Well? Start doing the black dot. Fill the circle from outside in with thr permanent marker. Be careful with the edges just in case the line bleeds, then you’re gonna be in Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!

(Not shown) I soaked the shirt in salt water afterwards to set the dye in, so that the black color will last longer. Then wash the shirt as normal. The black should not run off/bleed into the water, because it’s permanent waterproof ink. If the black comes off then you’re in Trouble!!!


3. Wear your knockoff Trouble! Shirt with pride, knowing that you spent less than $4 on it instead of paying for the real thing.

That’s it! Enjoy my Christmas edition DIY. Have a great holiday, stay safe and well-fed!

Sincerely, your #1 fan


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