2013 succulent garden update and mini terrarium tutorial

Well, hello friends and a happy belated New Year. I am back with my 2-year succulent garden update. Wow, time does fly, and my little succulent garden is growing up and out like no one’s business! Look at all that growth! (Compare with the original 2011 and 2012 January posts!)


I’ve added some new plants too, like this chubby little spiky succulent I rescued from the shelves of the local Carrefour.


While on the subject of plants, I’m also going to post one of my recent DIY projects: Mini terrariums! I got the idea from the numerous tutorials on the internet. They’re so tumblr-pinterest-etsy-hipster chic! Feel free to follow, they’re so easy to make!

1. Choose your containers. Wash and clean. It should have a lid!


2. Gather supplies: Aquarium charcoal, pebbles, small pebbles, coarse gravel. I got them from the aquarium shop. Also get some potting mix.


3. I got moss from the garden. It’s rainy season, so it’s easy to find moss everywhere. Grab the moss with a butter knife leaving a layer of dirt underneath…


4. Ready to rumble. Don’t forget gloves!


5. First put a layer of gravel, then a thin layer of crushed charcoal at the bottom of the jars!


6. Don’t forget your ornaments. My choices include: Mushrooms, maneki neko, army figurines, and a souvenir wooden penis from Bali that nobody wants. (They say it’s too small)


7. Put your layer of potting mix on top of the charcoal. Carefully arrange the moss on top then press firmly onto the potting mix. Put your ornament in. Screw the lid on! Here’s a few of my creations…

IMG_6170 IMG_6179 IMG_6188  \ IMG_6194

And now time for a group photo… aren’t they adorable? The right one with the blue lid is a little dingy, previously it was a container for Oma’s water plants. Oh well, next time choose cleaner jars!


One week update: The moss jars are still in great condition. Yay! That’s it, enjoy my tutorial or lack thereof, and feel free to try yourself. Makes nice desk decorations.

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