The mystery of my jittery Wacom tablet

The mystery of my Jittery Wacom tablet

Here you can see my handsome 6×8 Wacom Graphire 4 drawing tablet, decorated with various tattoo shop stickers, just the way I like it. It is my third tablet, it’s a f*cking workhorse, and I have been abusing it for the last 7 years or so (lol) and never ran into any problems, until recently I came up with this glitch while using it?

The cursor f*cking shakes on its own!
I put my pen on the surface and the cursor does its own crazy jittery dance!

It’s quite exhausting really, you go to a nice cafe to work on illustrations, plugged in your wacom and it harlem shakes like mad… Then you had to settle the bill and go home!

So I googled and interference seems to be the culprit for many people. One guy even had extensive testing to find the solution to the same problem, but to no avail! Alas he was on Windows so I had to run a little test on my own!

Reinstalled driver to newest version – Jittery
Using another pen – Still jittery
Using tablet alongside wireless USB mouse – Jitters
Took off the USB mouse – Still jitters
Using tablet in my room, 2m away from wireless router – Jitters, but only at daytime (???)
Using tablet in the living room – Jittery
Using tablet in living room, routers turned off – Jittery!
Using tablet in a cafe near a very loud arisan ibu2 – Jittery
Using tablet while listening to bad dubstep – Instant jitters

The only way to stop the jitters is to unplug the tablet, wait a few minutes, then use it again until it eventually jitters again and you repeat the process.

I don’t know what I should do anymore, tried googling but different forums have different answers, but with looming illustration and layout deadlines, I just can’t be effed trying all the different methods, so my temporary solution is only use the wacom tablet in my bedroom for now, where it shakes the least! That sucks, because I’ve told you before that working in your bedroom in your pyjamas while watching TV and petting plush python dolls is very counter productive.


“Buy some more crap online!” Valentine is distracting me while I try my best to work

The good news is, I might not need a solution because I have plans to get the Intuos 5 Medium touch as replacement. With 4x more pressure sensitivity, tilt sensor, function wheels and buttons, and smexy, sleek black looks, I really can’t go wrong with this purchase. I hope that it will be another long-lasting investment. The only downside is I had to wait for another 5 weeks or so because I’m buying this from Australia and I’m getting my sister to take it home to Jakarta *evil laugh. You won’t believe it, but Indonesian RRP is about $70-120 more expensive compared to US/AUS prices depending on the tablet model.

July can’t come any sooner! If anyone has a solution feel free to contribute!

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