Shit I can’t do (yet??) with my art

Shit I can’t do (yet??) with my art:

  • Draw symbolic stuff, like flourescent clouds or rainfalls of broken hearts that symbolizes deeper meanings. (Shout out to my singing friend!) My stuff is like, face value, literal. A rock is a rock, a pretty girl is a pretty girl, a sausage is a sausage… it’s not a symbol for a penis, you dirty **** you. Am I blunt, unrefined, do I lack analytical skills, or artistic depth? I guess I’m just doing shit that I like and not thinking too much when I draw/create.
  • Draw hipstery / trendy stuff. My style is comic-like, I like bright colors, I like semi-realism, I don’t do minimalism, selective colors, or juxtaposition very well.
  • I like simple shit, don’t make me do robots and cybernetic shit, something involving running horses, monsters, mutants, gore/blood, or a medieval war scene, that’s out of my league. I’m a tomboy girl in appearance and mannerism, but apparently when it comes to art, I’m a girly girl. I like drawing pretty pictures of pretty people. I like drawing outfits. I like drawing simple everyday situations. Color me shallow.

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