Kucing, 12 years later

Our dear Kucing is not a young cat anymore. I’m not sure if he’s 12 or 13, can’t remember whether we got him in 2002 or 2003. These days he doesn’t have a lot of energy. He would just take it easy and sleep it off all the time. The winter chill doesn’t help either. In the warmer months he would be the first to get out of the house and explore. Now these days he would just stay inside and curl up.

His overall condition is healthy, but we’re not sure how many years he has left 😦 _MG_1923 _MG_1925 _MG_1972 _MG_1974 _MG_1979 _MG_1982 _MG_1984
Sorry for the overexposured bits? It’s really a pain to get the metering right when shooting white fur.

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