Hello, this is Amel from Jakarta, Indonesia, a girl of many interests distractions.
This site has been up for a LONG time, so I’ll update you that I’m currently living in Melbourne, Australia, which is my second hometown.
I’m a lot of things, mainly a freelance graphic designer/art director/illustrator/tattoo apprentice/rare bird (in that order).

What you will find in this blog:
I blog most of my artwork, I blog about the randomness of life, the occasional DIY (craft) experiments, but mostly I’d blog about randomness.
UPDATE: I will also do shitty reviews on random things that interest me from now on, just to keep this site alive!

I love DIY, visual art, making music, animals, super spicy food, video games, gadgets, and flea markets.
If it’s quirky I’d probably be interested, and ooh! Leather goods!

I could survive a year without eating rice, but not a single day without the internet.

Add me, or not:
Oh, you’re the online stalking type? Great. You can also find me on FB, just say that you found me through this blog 🙂
You play games too? My PSN and Steam ID is amelstrange  …add me up!
I also have inactive Twitter  & Tumblr  accounts but they’re pretty much the same art stuff plus art/graphic design inspiration.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Amel! Cool post – we all need encouragement huh 😉 Thanks for visiting Sisterhood Sticky Notes, my blog for women – always awesome to get visitors from around the world. Good luck with your blogging project – keep going!

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