Illustration: Pasar Baru Haul vs Reality Check

pasar baru haul

Ah yes, thrift-shopping-haul-show-off time! Yes, I love wandering around Metro Atom Pasar Baru to find one of a kind outfits! You’ll never know what bargain you’re gonna get. Pasar Baru prices can be a bit steep compared to Pasar Senen, but it’s far less hot and sweaty (Metro Atom is air conditioned) and the sellers are more civil in my opinion. Your choice. I go to both alternately depending on the mood and the weather.

If you live in Jakarta, feel free to contact me and we can thrift-shop together and eat nice noodles afterwards.

FYI! These clothes are modeled by, er, my “models”, because:
1. I don’t have wonderful fabulous princess Emma Swan hair, I wish I do 😦
2. I don’t do smug bitch face very well.
3. Would you rather stare at my artwork than …this? Yeah. I bet.


PS: I’m wearing blue leggings on the left because I can’t find my red leggings. Get over it!
PPS: I hate selfies!


Recipe illustration: Stink Bean Chicken AKA Ayam Tumis Pete


A family favorite, bitches!
Credit: (Left) TOP: Chef Uniform by Disti. PURSE: Meat Cleaver Purse by Kreepsville 666. SHOES: Doc Martens Brothel Creepers. HAT: Strange Snapback by Amelstrange. (Right) OUTFIT: French Maid fetish costume (modified). SHOES: Hunter boots.

Illustration: Color Theory Series

1. Analogous


2. Complementary


3. Triadic


4. Tetradic


Here’s some color theory illustration for you. I can’t believe it took me forever to do this! I spent one week experimenting how to color with this new fake-watercolor style, but at the end I was quite pleased with the result.

I also like how it gradually turns from calm on “analogous” to chaotic colors on “tetradic”.

Here’s all of them in one picture. Click to see all the pretty textures in full resolution. Cheers!


DIY painted canvas shoes, and a backstory about relationships with expiry dates

(Long, irrelevant essay incoming! If you want to see my latest DIY project, skip to the second last paragraph, please.)

For every hello, there will be a goodbye.

People enter your lives for a reason, a season, but not for a lifetime.

I used to have a friend. An interesting friend who always have an interesting opinion. It was like, 2008, and we were in my car heading somewhere and she suddenly went into this thought provoking subject.

She said that each of our lives are like lines constantly traveling over time. We were born into this world separately in our own time, we eventually meet one another by chance, and when it’s time, we all will separate and go our own way.  Just like in a graph, where two parabola lines converge, intersect, and then move away from one another.

I nodded while I steer the car in equally confusing late afternoon traffic, pretending that I understood half of what she just said.


She went on, demonstrating the converging lines with her hands, “So, picture your life as a line constantly moving on an angle, then other people’s lines enter that line of your life, both lines intersect, you spend time with that other person, then when it’s time, (dun dun…) the lines separate, they eventually get further away and leave. And when they leave, it means their role in taking part and influencing our life is done. We don’t need them anymore and they don’t need us either. Then it’s time to move on.”

“Ah, I get it, yeah it’s kinda sad but I get it… It’s like chapters in a book or acts in an opera.. Hurr durr”

“Life is all about those intersections.” she said. “And how you make the best out of your time with each person you have the chance to interact with.”

“Because before you even realize it, they will move further away and be gone, like forever, in the constantly moving parabola-equation-graph-thing of life”, I added. (I sucked at describing stuff! How did I even graduate high school as a science major in the first place?)

“Right you are.”

“Then you’d say that every relationship has an expiry date? When the other party’s role is done in the story of your life?” I asked.

“Right on. That’s why I don’t friend my exes after the breakup. Not IRL, not in Facebook, not anything. When it’s done, it’s done”, she said, crossing her arms with a smug expression.

“Too many fish in the sea to miss one.” I said, quoting a Karmin song lyric from the future.

Here’s my latest DIY project. I thought that my DIY orange wallet was pretty sick and I decided to pimp my plain canvas shoes the same way. You can see that it’s decorated with converging and intersecting lines, which have, like, deep personal meanings about relationships with expiration dates.

IMG_8684 IMG_8682

To my ex-friend: Hey A, thanks for the friendship, it was awesome while it lasted and you know it 🙂

DIY bleached black shirts!

Candidates: 4 black shirts I got for 10k at Pasar Senen. Yep, 1 US Dollars *insert LOL now*
Equipment: 2 bottles of bleach ($0.5), rubber gloves, spray bottle, some bucketsss.

Let’s just call them shirt 1, 2, 3, and 4 from top left row. Now I’m gonna follow the tutorials here and here and make 4 different types of bleached shirts. Oh yeah make sure the shirts are 100% cotton and somewhat thin, cos if it’s thick you’re gonna need even more bleach to er, bleach it! Experiment, experiment.

This is shirt 1, 2 and 3 folded and ready to be immersed in bleach… On the leftmost one I used the center swirly fold using a dowel, for the second one I simply folded the shirt into a long strip and rolled it tight, and the third one that looks like a Bak Chang? That’s the flower fold technique.

Dunk them in a solution of 1 part bleach, 2 part water… and wait for the color to seep out gradually. It was kinda cool to watch, but i didn’t take a lot of pics cos I’m afraid that I’ll accidentally ruin my already battered Lumix LX3 with the bleach liquid!

Now after a good 5-10 mins most of the shirts are done, just put them in water with some detergent to stop the bleaching process 🙂

The flower-folded shirt turned out kinda screwy (not bleached enough, maybe it’s not 100% cotton?) so I re-folded it  like a twisty bun spiral, and re-bleached it.

Anyway, for shirt #4 I’m gonna do some stencils, design courtesy of Angie’s accessories label Le Squeal:

That’s how I did it… First I put a cardboard inside the shirt so that the bleach won’t bleed through to the back layer, then just spray the bleach solution on top of the stencil, until the color gradually turned into shades of brown. Flip over. Do the same for the back of the shirt. Make it random!

ALL DONE! I soaked and rinsed the shirts in detergent water, then hanged them to dry while I’m off to band practice… lalala….

Fast forwards 12 hours later: Here’s shirt 1 to 3, and shirt #4! Do try this at home, it’s easy and awesome!