Kucing, 12 years later

Our dear Kucing is not a young cat anymore. I’m not sure if he’s 12 or 13, can’t remember whether we got him in 2002 or 2003. These days he doesn’t have a lot of energy. He would just take it easy and sleep it off all the time. The winter chill doesn’t help either. In the warmer months he would be the first to get out of the house and explore.¬†Now these days he would just stay inside and curl up.

His overall condition is healthy, but we’re not sure how many years he has left ūüė¶ _MG_1923 _MG_1925 _MG_1972 _MG_1974 _MG_1979 _MG_1982 _MG_1984
Sorry for the overexposured bits? It’s really a pain to get the metering right when shooting white fur.


All is well


Hey there, it’s your captain speaking.

I’m aware that I haven’t updated this blog lately, and I apologize, my life has¬†pretty much¬†taken over. (Ha! A very cliched reason!)¬†Since then I’ve found my muse (which takes away a lot of my free time, ironically), I’ve been traveling quite a bit, been working quite a lot, and I’ll be moving back to Melbourne very soon, which leaves little time for blogging.

But worry not, I’m not going anywhere.

For significant/recent art¬†and work¬†updates¬†I’ve set up another wordpress site:¬†Amel’s Work and Play

For random and not-so-important drawings/projects/photo updates, you can still find and follow me on instagram.

Stay safe and don’t get too¬†drunk!

TL;DR time: Yay, I’ve done all my turning 30 resolutions!

A few years back I wrote a note on FB (not here on this blog) about “things I wanna do when I turn 30” and now I am pleased say that I’ve done them all! Crossed all the checklists!

Here’s what I originally wrote, and my additional notes from 2013 are in red.

1. Get up earlier everyday (and consequently go to bed earlier every night)
Because they said the older we get, the less sleep we will need. Anyways, they also said that it’s healthy to get up early, and it doesn’t hurt to have some extra time in the morning to do stuff.

Note: Done. My resolution backfired. Now I’m an insomniac and I generally sleep from 12-4, do stuff, then sleep again 7-9.

2. Have better and more fulfilling work
Friends and employees, this does not necessarily mean jumping ship. It’s not that my recent one suck, last year was really slow and I just feel that I need more challenges and I need to be waaay more busy than I already am right now at work. Colleagues, can’t you see I’m knitting to pass the time? I am a born workaholic and I intend to keep it that way! All that said, I hope this year will be a busy and prosperous and soul-fulfilling one.

Note: Soul-fulfilling? Please! I am completely happy with what I’m doing now. Freelancing is one of the best things I’ve done in my career. Jessie was right. It’s not all about the money. As I get older, I realized that time is just as important.

3. Exercise more
You have to grow old healthy and gracefully. So, before my metabolism rate goes way slower with age, and I turn into an obese blob on a motorized scooter, right now I’m considering these 3 (Gym location) options. Friends, help me choose!

Note: I now exercise 3-4 days a week for minimal half an hour! F yes! And I don’t even need a gym!

4. Smoke less
I don’t wanna say I’m gonna quit just yet. I’m reducing my intake. I’m on my way there.¬†

Note: September last year I went cold turkey and did not smoke at all for 4 months. Now I smoke a cig or two every 2 weeks, which I (gracefully) steal from my smoker friends, so think about it, I’m actually doing them a favor. Seriously though I need to quit for real!¬†

5. Do acoustic cover songs on YouTube AKA running out of important resolutions.
OK, this one is totally irrelevant, but there is a part of me who wants to be famous anonymously on the internet and rise to Marie Digby level of popularity. What the heck.

Note: Yes, I did covers on Youtube. I recorded some, then I realized that I can’t sing ūüė¶ Well, then I did a few more songs with me not singing, which turned out 100x better, but unfortunately my youtube partner is currently away in America. So I think I need to find other ways to be famous on YouTube.

It’s almost 6AM, I’m gonna try to get back to bed…

Visual Diary – Week 2 highlights

Day 4 – This recipe has been passed down in my family for generations.

Day 5 – Don’t quiz me on any KPOP knowledge, it makes me uncomfortableday7
Day 7 – Choices choices…

Day 9 – Resorting to drawing snakes is a cheap, cheap trick… (Remember that I did 30 Days of Snakes back in March?)