Random update and a shitty giveaway

Guess what, random update time just because I can.

Well I previously mentioned what a pain in the butt working at home can be. These last 3 weeks I’ve been trying my best to work at home, in my living room, with a standing fan, sans air conditioning!!! To my surprise it isn’t that bad, except I’m more prone to masuk angin.

Also by staying at home for a longer time, I get to work out daily on my shitty ghetto broke ass home gym. Because I have fat genes and for some reason since I quit smoking last September I’m gradually gaining weight. Duh! Wanna see my home gym? Sure.



Introducing my late Opa’s oh-so-vintage exercise bike, made in early 1980 something (older than you)!

Details: Attack Vintage exercise bike//Velbon CX440 photo tripod//iPod Touch 4th gen 32gb//sports armband for iPod.

My ghetto gym even comes with colorful 2, 3, 4 kilo weights!
(Sheep: Dude that’s some seriously heavy sh*t)


And the point of this post is…


(Bike only, not iPod, sheep or weights)

WHY? Because I want a non-noisy, colorful modern bike that goes with my colorful weights. Yes I’m that shallow. Deal with it. And I know Sheep would approve so. So if you live in Jakarta and you’d like have the bike, just message/call/text me to arrange the pick-up. Yes, I’m sorry, pick up only, no delivery, and since it weights a ton, you’re gonna need a car to take this BABY home.


Look you can also move the handles back and forth like an elliptical machine! In case you’re wondering, this bike still function perfectly, except for the broken speedometer. So what are you waiting for? Maybe you know someone who would love to have this bike? Here’s your chance to help a sister do her spring cleaning and stay healthy.

So call me or leave a comment or whatever. Later guys.


Sheep Art: This Holiday Sucks

I thought I’d also post my sheep-related art stuff here too. These were originally posted on FB as part of the 30-day drawing challenge I’m doing. Welp. Enjoy this series of posts.

Day 1 – Yourself.

A conversation with myself:
“Hey Amel, today you’re drawing a picture of yourself”
“But I’m a boring person… It will be such a boring drawing”
“Can I add sick stuff like sheep, snakes, rainbows and tattoos?”
“…*sigh* Sure! Do whatever you please, bitch!”

(Draw, draw, scan, fix up in Photoshop a bit)

“So yeah, this is me in a surreal pirate castaway holiday setting!”

(Note: I do not own any bikinis, snakes, or cowboy boots.)

Fire Engine

“Look what arrived in the mail!”
“It’s a fire truck, Sheep!”
“That’s so bad ass”

“What the heck? It’s in pieces!”
“Don’t worry, Sheep can handle it”

“Sheep totally gave up! This is complicated!”

OMFG It’s a dead body!

“I’m not dead, kids! Also, RTFM! Read The Fluffing Manual!”

“As usual, Sheep will let the women take care of this”

Chop chop stack stack bam bam.

“YAY! It’s finished!”


Sheep in Hong Kong! as narrated by April

Wee ooo soon we be flying, Sheep!

One big Earl Grey tea for Sheep.

Woke up in Hong Kong! It’s gonna be a fun day, Sheep!

Hong Kong noodles. Sheep-approved.

Hong Kong is so colorful! Can you find me, Sheep?

Sheep approves of the MRT. It’s quiet and sheep-friendly.

“Excuse me, is this the Ikea Sheep Farm?”

Hung out with the local sheep. Apple is such a sweet babe, said Sheep.

It’s been  a long day! Good night, Sheep! Tomorrow we fly to Malaysia!

My Fair Lady

“Hello? Anyone there?”

“Ahem. Yes. Can I help you?”

“Hi! I’m April! I’d like to be a resident sheep!”
“O hai, April! I’m Sheep, resident sheep.”

“Pretty pls?”

“Oh this is tough – I want to be the one and only resident sheep – but she’s too cute!”
“Hel-loo? Sheep?”

“Sure! Let’s talk more about it! Come right in!”

“You’re gonna like it here!”
“O RLY! So nice to know you, Sheep!”

April & Sheep’s first portrait together!

“Do you know the way?
I am from out of town
I need a place to stay,
someone to show me all around

A box of chocolates
And a dozen flowers
Just a little room
To sit and think for hours and hours”

The Bird and the Bee – My Fair Lady

Special thanks to sheepfriend Rara Mbol!

One Crafty Sunday Afternoon

Sup people, I wonder what’s Amel up to. Look at all these crazy ass diagrams.

Oh hey. What are you doing? Don’t shave me with that cutter!

DONE! It’s a bag! A paper… messenger bag… that’s trying hard to look like a Freitag Dragnet! How ingenious. And cheapskate.

Yay! It’s got pockets on the inside!

When you have a lot of stuff to carry, this bag expands! Boom! Hooray! Those guys from Freitag are brilliant!

Well, I do like them, but every hipster sheep in town seems to have one of those courier messenger bags these days. *snort*

Look at the other models Amel has done. One is modeled after the Rickshaw bags, the other one, Leif bags. Which one do you like best?

That’s it. Until next time! Maybe someday Amel can afford to buy a real Freitag bag. I don’t mind traveling in them, though people say they can be a bit smelly. Ciao!